External Micrometer Set, MW215-01BL, Range 0-75mm

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Workshop External Micrometer Set 215 Series

Standard: DIN 863
• Satin-chrome scale
• Satin-chrome forged steel frame with insulated grip
• With tungsten carbide measuring faces and constant force ratchet
• Packed in wooden box with standards and adjusting key


Code No.Range (inch)Range (mm)Resolution (inch)Resolution (mm)PriceBuy Now
MW215-01BL 0-750.01£85More info
MW215-02BL0-1000.01£119More info
MW215-03BL0-1500.01£201.50More info
MW215-04BL£0-2000.01£308More info
MW215-01BLI 0-3£0.001£85More info
MW215-02BLI0-4£0.001£119More info
MW215-03BLI0-6£0.001£201.50More info
MW215-04BLI£0-8£0.001£308More info


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