Calibration Services

Rhopoint Metrology offers UKAS calibration to include an extensive range of services critical to design, manufacture and testing in industry.

We provide an extensive range of calibration services along with repair, refurbishment and replacement equipment where required. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers offer a
consistently high level of service.

• Full calibration system management
• Online certification
• Calibration consultancy service
• Electrical and mechanical equipment repair and refurbishment facility
• Emergency response


UKAS verification of  the performance of measuring instruments such as micrometers, verniers and height gauges

Electrical calibration Rhopoint Metrology

The UKAS process of measuring and verifying the performance of an instrument that measures or tests electrical parameters

Mass calibration from Rhopoint

This UKAS calibration utilises the process of reading a weighing scale readout of a mass compared to known standard or mass value.


UKAS calibration of pressure measuring instruments by verifying the performance of a gauge against a standard or another device

Temperature calibration

From traceable single point temperature and humidity calibration to UKAS multipoint system calibration

Torque calibration

Traceable calibration of torque measuring equipment using a torque wrench loader and transducers

On-Site Services

Our mobile service offers UKAS on-site calibration of Surface Plates/Tables & optical profile projectors.
Other types of on-site calibration services with certification traceable to the National Standards
are also available.

UKAS On-Site: Electrical, Pressure & Mass

Traceable On-Site: Dimensional, Mechanical, Electrical, Temperature, Torque