Uniform Standard Of Length

The natural standard for the metre is defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second

Dimensional Calibration Services

At Rhopoint Metrology we are able to offer a comprehensive range of UKAS Dimensional & Mechanical Calibration services for the following instrument types:

Angle plates, box angle plates
Bore gauges
Bench centres
Cylindrical setting standards
Dial gauges, lever
Dial gauges, plunger
Feeler gauges
Gauge blocks (by comparison)
Gloss meters
Height gauges, electronic
Length gauges, flat & spherical ended
Levels, electronic
Levels, spirit
Luer gauges
Micrometer heads
Micrometers, 3 point bore
Micrometers, bench
Micrometers, depth
Micrometers, external
Micrometers, height setting
Micrometers, height setting riser blocks
Micrometers, internal
Micrometers, wedge
Orifice plates
Parallels, engineers
Penetration needles and cones
Plain gap gauges, parallel
Plain plug gauges, parallel
Plain plug gauges, taper
Plain ring gauges, parallel
Plain ring gauges, taper

Plain limit gauge
Profile projectors
Protractors, bevel
Receiver & position gauges, jigs, fixtures
Roughness meters
Screw caliper gauges, parallel
Screw plug gauges, parallel
Screw plug gauges, taper
Screw ring gauges, parallel
Screw ring gauges, taper
Sine bars, centres, tables
Sine tables, compound
Squares, blade
Squares, block
Squares, cylindrical
Steel rules, engineers
Surface plates & tables
Surface texture
Thread annular vee setting standards
Thread diameter measuring machines
Thread measuring cylinders
Thread measuring stylii
Thread measuring vee pieces (prisms)
Thread vee grooved jaw blades
Thread vee-grooved and plain end pieces
Transducers, displacement
Vee blocks
Vernier gauges, caliper
Vernier gauges, depth
Vernier gauges, height


We have Laboratories located throughout the UK providing a Collection & Delivery service making your Calibration requirements as easy and convenient as you require. All of our Laboratories are accredited to provide UKAS & Traceable calibrations to all the relevant standards giving you peace of mind.

Armed with a team of highly qualified engineers we can react immediately to meet the needs and exacting demands of today’s industries and provide efficient and cost effective solutions to all customers both old and new.

We can also provide Instrument sales, servicing and repairs, small repairs and adjustments are made at the point of Calibration where possible in order that you are without your equipment for the shortest possible time.

Our standard UKAS Dimensional & Mechanical Calibration turnaround times are a guaranteed 5 working days (Silvertrack), or you may take advantage of our Goldtrack 48 hour service from receipt at the Laboratory.