Rhopoint Metrology Standard General Terms & Conditions


  1. All work is accepted by Rhopoint Metrology Limited (hereinafter called "Rhopoint") according to these conditions.
  2. Any company (hereinafter called the Principal) placing work requests or orders (written or otherwise) with Rhopoint will agree explicitly or implicitly to be bound by these conditions which override all other conditions (such as specified on orders) except where explicitly agreed by Rhopoint in writing (such as via a contract).
  3. Rhopoint undertakes to perform work for the Principal in strict confidence. Details of such work shall not be divulged to any third party without written authorisation from the Principal except for specific requests from an appropriate body acting for the Government (eg registered Lead Assessors in the course of performing their duty) or in a legally authorised capacity.
  4. Rhopoint will provide services or supply goods in line with industry practice, applicable Standards and the requirements of any appropriate accreditations according to their current schedules. The Principal must ensure Rhopoint understands any specific requirements, specifications or instructions applying before Rhopoint accepts the order.


Prices, Payment and Quotes

  1. The Principal will pay Rhopoint for all services or goods supplied at rates as agreed or according to the most recent Rhopoint price guide.
  2. All fees quoted will be subject to these conditions and will normally be valid for a period not exceeding thirty days from issue.
  3. In the event of goods supplied or services required being in anyway different to those quoted or provided, Rhopoint reserve the right to appropriately amend the charges.
  4. Prices will normally be quoted exclusive of VAT(Value Added Tax) , charged as appropriate at the rate applying at the time of invoice.
  5. Minimum invoice charge of £46.00 (ex-VAT).
  6. The possession of a Rhopoint published price guide does not constitute an offer to form a contract. It is the Principal's responsibility to ensure that any price guides being used are current and effective.
  7. The Principal agrees to promptly pay all monies due to Rhopoint for current or previous work. Unless a Principal has been approved for account terms, all monies are due on completion of the service or delivery of goods being supplied.
  8. Where a Principal is accepted by Rhopoint for account terms, all invoices must be paid not more than thirty days from date of issue. Disputed invoices must be notified to Rhopoint within ten days of issue.
  9. Rhopoint reserve the right to withhold from the Principal any certificates or reports in the event of outstanding monies being owed by the Principal to Rhopoint for current or previous work.
  10. Prices quoted for calibration include minimal cleaning. Where excessive cleaning is required before items can be calibrated, this will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate. Any repair work will be quoted separately. Consumables charged as used.
  11. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.
  12. Where Rhopoint supplies goods against the Principal’s order ownership of the goods remain with Rhopoint until the goods are paid for. In the event that the Principal has not paid for the goods within 90 days of Rhopoint supplying the goods then Rhopoint reserve the right to visit the Principal’s premises and remove the goods.


Reports & Certificates

  1. All calibration and metrology prices include certificate or report unless otherwise specified.
  2. Reports or certificates are issued by Rhopoint to the Principal according to the following conditions:
    1. Reports and certificates apply to the specific items to which they refer at the time that the tests, measurements or calibrations were performed and should not be taken to indicate the condition of an item at any other time or that the item is necessarily representative of a batch.
    2. Reports and certificates are issued in the strictest confidence to the Principal. No part of any report or certificate can be reproduced for any purpose without the express written permission of Rhopoint.
  • The production of a certificate or report by Rhopoint should not be taken to indicate any endorsement of the Principal by Rhopoint and no such endorsement should be stated nor implied by the Principal.


Delays, Liability & Responsibility

  1. Where the Principal instructs Rhopoint to perform duties at a place other than a Rhopoint building, the Principal must accept full responsibility for Health and Safety, including Rhopoint personnel or persons acting on behalf of Rhopoint. The Principal must also ensure that Rhopoint have all appropriate access. Delays or the inability of Rhopoint to perform arranged duties at a site other than a Rhopoint building may result in the Principal being liable for charges to cover any expense and / or labour costs incurred by Rhopoint.
  2. Rhopoint shall not be responsible for delays due to circumstances outside their control, to include, but not exclusively: Acts of war or other acts of Government or State (including courts); Acts of nature such as flood, storms, illness and earthquakes; influence of third parties such as transport or union action.
  3. Where Rhopoint are unable to complete an order or other such agreement, for whatever reason, the Principal shall still pay to Rhopoint any amount arising from expense incurred and that proportion of the fee appropriate to the part of the service completed.
  4. Rhopoint reserve the right to sub-contract work to approved sources.



23. Rhopoint undertakes to exercise due care and skill in the performance of its services and accepts responsibility only for gross negligence proven by the Principal or damage to the Principal's property whilst in the care of Rhopoint. The liability of Rhopoint to the Principal in respect for any claims for loss, damage or expense of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising shall in no circumstances exceed a total aggregate sum equal to ten times the amount of the fee or commission payable by the Principal for that portion of the service or contract which gives rise to such claims. Rhopoint accepts no liability arising from misinformation from the Principal or typing errors.

24.  Rhopoint accepts no responsibility for any items belonging to the Principal outside of Rhopoint buildings, except when in transit under Rhopoint care (excluding third party courier companies). Rhopoint recommends that all such items should be suitably insured for transit. Furthermore, Rhopoint accepts no responsibility for items found to be damaged upon receipt or subsequent inspection.

25.  Where the Principal is notified by Rhopoint that items are ready for collection, responsibility for the items passes immediately to the Principal. Furthermore, if items are not collected within five working days of notification, Rhopoint reserve the right to either deliver the items at the Principal's expense or make charges for storage.

Rhopoint Working Hours
26. The Rhopoint working day is from 8:00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 12.30pm on Fridays. Other hours may be possible by special arrangement.
27. Deliveries after 4:30pm will not be officially accepted at Rhopoint until the next working day, although the items will be put into storage if possible.
28. Certificates, reports and goods may not be available for collection until after 3:30pm on the due day.

Collection & Delivery of Goods and On-Site Travel
29. Prices quoted or listed in price guides do not usually include carriage or packing.
30. Services performed away from a Rhopoint building will usually attract travelling expenses, charged at the rate applying at the time. Some work may also require accommodation and related expenses which will be charged at cost.
31. Rhopoint can collect and deliver items to most parts of England and Wales, via:
i. Rhopoint van (charges apply - may also be subject to size restrictions).
ii. Prearranged collections that we are unable to collect will be charged mileage at cost.
iii. Prearranged On-site visits that we are unable to carry out will be charged at engineers cost.
iv. Rhopoint Representative (charges may apply - usually dependant upon items fitting in a car boot).
v. Courier service (charges apply - may also be subject to size restrictions).
vi. Where Courier Service is used the Principle must ensure that the goods are adequately packaged.
vii. Where Courier Service is used the Principles own Goods in Transport Insurance will apply.
viii. All customers are welcome to collect or deliver items direct to Rhopoint during normal working hours (see §25).

Termination of agreement
32. Termination of agreement must be notified to Rhopoint in written form giving a
3 months notice.

33. Standard turnaround for pre-arranged calibration orders, from receipt at Rhopoint:
o Calcare Silvertrack - 5 working days.
o Calcare Goldtrack - 48 hours (working days only by arrangement).
34. Turnaround starts from the last arrival at Rhopoint of the items or the official order (see also “Rhopoint Working Hours”).
35. Quoted turnaround times indicate the latest that pre-arranged orders will be completed for collection at Rhopoint.
36. Turnaround times exclude transportation, even when provided by Rhopoint.

National Standards
37. All work performed in the Rhopoint laboratory is traceable to national standards

38. “Calcare”, “Calcare Goldtrack” and “Calcare Silvertrack” are Rhopoint brand names.


Decision Rules for all Calibration Orders:-
Compliance statements included in calibration certificates will be determined using one of the rules below unless contained within a standard/specification or is specified by the customer

1. Simple Acceptance (Pass or Fail on certification)

A Simple decision rule or shared risk decision rule will be used unless otherwise requested or is specified within a standard to evaluate the Pass/Fail condition of the instrument under test based upon document JCGM 106:2012 section 8.2, where acceptance limit (AL) = tolerance limit (TL) provided that the tolerance uncertainty ratio (TUR) is equal to or greater than 1:1.Under such a rule, the laboratory and customer agree, implicitly or explicitly, to accept as conforming (and reject otherwise) an item whose property has a measured value in the tolerance interval. As the alternative name `shared risk' implies, with a simple acceptance decision rule the laboratory and customer share the consequences of
incorrect decisions

2. Guard Banding (Pass Fail, Probable Pass, Probable Fail or None on certification)

The uncertainty of measurement is taken into account when determining compliance with a specification as per ILAC-G8:03/2009. The tolerance limit (TL) is reduced by the estimated measurement uncertainty resulting in a reduced acceptance limit (AL) in order to reduce the probability of false acceptance.

3. None ( No conformance statement can be made as no specification is available)

A detailed document regarding decision rules is available upon request. The status on the calibration certificate relates only to the item tested. A final decision as to whether the item is acceptable for use can only be made by the end user.