UKAS On-Site Calibration Services

We offer on-site calibration of the following disciplines:

Surface Plates Granite & Cast Iron, to include Re-lapping for Granite and Re-scraping of Cast Iron back to a chosen grade.

Our laboratory is equipped with some of the most accurate pressure calibration equipment covering a wide range of disciplines.

Profile Projectors of all types from 0 to 100 Magnifications, linear 0-300mm, angular 0° to 360°

Hydraulic & Gas Pressure (both Gauge & Absolute) covering pressure indicating instruments & gauges including pressure equivalent of Dead Weight Testers.

Electrical Covering:

  • Ammeters, ac
  • Ammeters, dc
  • Bridges and similar instruments, resistance
  • Calibrators, multimeter
  • Calibrators, temperature simulation
  • Frequency counters
  • Loop testers
  • Multimeters, analogue
  • Multimeters, digital
  • Oscilloscopes, deflection coefficients only
  • Portable appliance testers
  • Power supply units
  • Resistance boxes
  • Resistance meters
  • Resistors, ac
  • Resistors, dc
  • Shunts
  • Tachometers, optical
  • Temperature indicators, electrical calibration
  • Timers
  • Voltage dividers, Voltage standards & Voltmeters
Pressure Calibration

We have highly skilled On-Site Calibration Engineers located throughout the UK providing a rapid response making your On-Site Calibration requirements as easy and convenient as you require.

All of our Calibration Engineers are accredited to provide UKAS & Traceable calibrations to all the relevant standards giving you peace of mind.
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