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Reference Standards on UKAS calibration Certificates

The purpose of this section is to assist you with the discussions you may have with assessors from certification bodies about the content of calibration certificates.

Difficulties sometimes occur because assessors wish to see details of the reference standards used for calibration included on UKAS calibration certificates.

Any calibration laboratory that holds UKAS accreditation has to operate in accordance with UKAS requirements at all times. These requirements apply not only to the calibrations for which the laboratory offers a service, but also to all subsidiary measurements (for example, of environmental conditions) whose accuracy may significantly affect the accuracy or validity of such calibrations.

The laboratory has to have procedures for carrying out the calibrations & for the management & calibration of its reference standards of measurement & other measuring equipment. These procedures have to meet the requirements of the the current UKAS accreditation standard.

To satisfy the UKAS requirement, laboratories must hold all of the appropriate reference standards of measurement that they need, and maintain them in an appropriate state of calibration at all times.

UKAS checks that the above requirements are being satisfied. There is therefore no need to provide details of the equipment used on calibration certificates since UKAS accreditation provides all the assurances that the user needs.

This text is based upon a technical policy statement issued by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.