A Brief History of Rhopoint Metrology

2022 - Acquired the business and assets of Wessex Metrology

2020 - Acquisition of Novatron Scientitic

2017 - Acquired Bristol based Brunel Metrology

2014 - Renamed Rhopoint Metrology.

2012 - Micron became a member of the Rhopoint group.

2001 - Moved to purpose built laboratory at Garretts Green Industrial Estate in Birmingham.

2000 - Micron Metrology 2000 Ltd.

1998 - the Micron laboratories issue more than 50,000 calibration certificates in one year.

1998 - Acquired the SGS Metrology & Calibration lab.

1997 - Expansion & refurbishment of Eurolab House for official opening as the Micron head office and laboratory.

1997 - Acquired Gloucestershire based, Russtek Ltd

1996 - Acquired the calibration lab of Monitor NDT Ltd.

1992 - moved to "Eurolab House"

1986 - gained UKAS accreditation

Formed in October 1978

About Rhopoint Metrology

Rhopoint Metrology Ltd. is a UKAS accredited calibration service provider and a part of the Rhopoint Group.

We have Laboratories in both Birmingham and Paulton near Bristol; both facilities are equipped with an impressive range of state of the art equipment.  This enables us to provide one of the most extensive ranges of calibration services to our customers.

Employing a team of over 40 calibration engineers with a wealth of experience covering all disciplines we are one of the most technically advanced with a scope of accreditation to match

In addition to our Laboratory facilities, we also offer on-site services and a mobile facility, enabling us to provide a calibration service at the client’s premises. This facility gives the advantage of minimum down time whilst still providing the same high standard of calibration in accordance with our customer’s specific requirements.

Our strategy is to offer an all-encompassing solution covering all aspects of calibration, repairs, supply of equipment, training and database management.

Eurolab House

2000ft² (200m²) temperature controlled laboratory.

2000ft² (200m²) workshop for refurbishment and repair to all electrical and mechanical instruments and equipment.

Main  administration offices, including sales, marketing, purchasing and accounts.


Birmingham UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Temperature controlled to 20 Celsius ±1 Celsius.

Maximum rate of temperature change 0.3C / hour.

Vertical laminar airflow - reduces effect of body heat.

Relative humidity controlled to 50%RH ± 10%.

Air cleaning to remove particles down to 0.5µm.

Impressive range of equipment to enable dimensional measurements to less than 0.01µm.

Satisfies all the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.


Download our scope of organisation and quality policies for Birmingham and Bristol

Download our scope of organisation and environmental policies for Birmingham and Bristol

Download our ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Download our ISO 14001:2015 certificate