S_Cal EVO Caliper IP67


• Water and coolant resistant, IP67 (according to IEC 60529)
• Comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic beam
• Automatic stand-by mode
• Origin saved
• Automatic wake-up by motion of the slider
• LCD digital display, height of the digits 7mm
• Increased self-contained use (12,000 working hours)
• Mechanical frame in stainless steel, hardened and ground
• Automatic switch off mode
• Thumb wheel available on request

Code No.DescriptionRange (mm)NotePriceBuy Now
30-810-1502Sylvac S-CAL EVO150Caliper IP67 0-150 Flat depth rod (4 x 1.4)£150.50More info
30-910-1522Sylvac S-CAL EVO200Caliper IP67 0-200 Flat depth rod (4 x 1.4)£230.00More info
30-910-1532Sylvac S-CAL EVO300Caliper IP67 0-300 No depth rod£276.50More info
30-910-2201Thumbwheel for above caliper£15.00More info