Coating Thickness Gauge

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Coating Thickness Gauge – TT210

• Easy to use
• Integrated probe FN
• Automatic substrate recognition
• Automatic calculation: Mean/Max/Min/No./S.Dev
• Upper-lower limit setting and sound alarm
• Data output RS-232 to printer TA-220S or PC
• Storage function for 500 measuring results
• Measurement modes: continuous/single
• Battery operated

Operating principle Magnetic induction/eddy current
Measurement range 0µm to 1250µm
Measuring system Selectable mm/inch
Minimum resolution 0.1µm (coating thickness <100µm)
Measuring accuracy F: ±(3%H+1µm) – N: ±(3%H+1.5µm) – H = nominal value
Statistics Average (MEAN) – MAX. – MIN. – number of measurements (NO.) – standard deviation (S.Dev)
Power supply Battery AAA 1.5V (2 pcs)
Display LCD with back-light
Dimensions 110mm x 50mm x 23mm
Weight 100gr



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